There are many reasons why you might consider a choreographed First Dance.  This can be from wanting to avoid stepping on your partners feet or from wanting to entertain your guests.  After all 81% of guests say they remember the entertainment the most.

So, why else might you consider having a choreographed First Dance?  

Having dance classes is a fun way for you and your partner to bond before hand especially if you’re both novices to dance, learn a skill together can be quite fun.  Another bonus is that as dance is good for your mental health it will also be a light way of getting some exercise in and reduce your stress levels at what can become a stressful time.

Alongside this it will boost your confidence as you will be learning a new skill.  In the beginning it may feel like an impossible task and you may question why you’re doing it however, by the time you have learnt the routine it will seem a lot easier and you will now have some new moves that you can show off.

By having your First Dance choreographed it will mean on the big day you will be able to relax and as it can be an emotional part of the day, you may find that those tears are held back as your brain focuses on sending the dance moves to the right parts of the body.  

Everyone looks forward to seeing what couples do for a First Dance especially with the videos that go around online and it can feel like there is pressure to do these amazing routine such as Dirty Dancing.

Dirty Dancing takes a lot of practice and you have to feel confident in your strength and also trust your partner a lot as it isn’t just a case of putting your partner above your head, especially if the wedding dress is quite puffy.

Sometimes, simple is more effective than showing off! There is no law that says you have to have it choreographed and even less so that you have to do a dance.  If the thought of doing a dance completely scares you then don’t!   If however, you would like to do something then get in touch!