You’ve decided to have a choreographed First Dance or some dance classes to help with your First Dance.  You’ve chosen the song and booked in your lessons.

Have you thought about what you’re going to wear for you class?

‘No, the classes are being done at home!’

Just because you’re having your classes at home, or if you’ve hired a venue doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think of what you’re going to wear.

Think about it, if you wear jeans, t shirt and trainers, when I come to choreograph I’m going to think you have lots of movement options available and then when it comes to the wedding day, you’ll find you can’t move because your dress restricts you, your heels are too high, and guys aren’t used to suit shoes.

‘Hadn’t thought about that, so what do you suggest?’

I always advise couples to wear shoes as close to their actual shoes as possible.  So Ladies, if you’re wearing heels you need to practice in the same height as you will have on the day.  Men, suit shoes as they will feel completely different to your work shoes or trainers.

Clothing again, ladies a skirt that is as pouffy or tight as your dress will be and if you have a train let me know so that I can take this into consideration for the choreography.  Guys you will need to wear suit trousers as they will feel different to jeans or track suit bottoms.

It is also important that when you are practice your routine outside of your classes that you also practice in the shoes and skirt/trousers.

So you can see there is more to have dance classes than just learning to dance, if you’re not in the right clothing it’ll affect the choreography and then you won’t feel as relaxed and confident on the big day!

To discuss your thoughts for your First Dance, contact me.  I can help you feel confident and leave you with memories to last a lifetime!