HELP, I Can’t Dance!!

You’re getting married congratulations!! I’m sure you’ve thought/planned everything you need for your wedding; Dress/Suits, Venue, Entertainment, Food, Cake, Photographer, Registrar, Guests, First Dance.

Did that last one scare you?

Are you thinking ‘I can’t dance!’

Thats fine, have you thought about having some dance classes?

‘Oh, but I don’t want to do a full routine!’

That’s absolutely fine, the point is the First Dance doesn’t have to be scary! It also doesn’t have to be a ‘traditional’ dance style!  I’ve had enquires recently for mash ups, fun, wacky, Street Dance.  The First Dance is just simply your First Dance with your wife/husband or mother/daughter/brother/sister/son! 

I can teach you a few simple moves so that you can move on the dance floor or if you would like a full routine I can help you with that as well.  If you think back to a recent wedding you attending I’m sure you can’t remember the colour of the chair covers or the food you ate.  I bet you remember dancing all night long! 

If you want memories that will last forever, then click here for a no obligatory quote

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