First Dance Tips

First Dance at weddings is probably the most talked about and eagerly awaited element.  Will the couple do a traditional sway on the spot until guests are invited to join in or will they surprise everyone with a choreographed routine?

Whilst the First Dance isn’t a priority on your list when it comes to planning your wedding it also shouldn’t be the last thing on your list.

Wedding Entertainment Statistic

The statistic above may scare you or make you panic, that’t not my intention.  I’m just making you think careful about what you spend your money on for your wedding as it can get expensive but it doesn’t have to.

Now, if you’re are worried or anxious about your First Dance, having everyone watching you for 2 minutes then my handy guide will help you of 5 tips for your First Dance.

First Dance Tips

Once you’ve read through the guide, if you still feel absolutely clueless then contact me and we can discuss how I can help you with your First Dance to make you feel confidence on the dance floor and have memories to last forever.

Music Memories quote

1 of the tips I share is about songs. If you’re stuck for ideas here’s a blog I wrote with some First Dance song choices