You may have decided that you’d like a Celebrant to officiate at your upcoming wedding, but you might not know what to do next and the best way to find the perfect person for you. If that’s the position you’re in, then here’s a little guide on how to find and book a Wedding Celebrant.

The first place to start is to get the basics sorted. Before you begin your search you will need to:

  • Plan your date
  • Book your venue
  • Think about when you will complete the legalities with your local registrar
  • Decide what type of wedding you’d like, considering such things as:
    • Are you looking for something relaxed, fun or traditional?
    • Would you like a themed wedding?
    • Would you like to include any rituals?

When you’ve made all of these decisions, it’s only then that you should start your search for a Celebrant. Of course, your decisions don’t have to be set in stone. The Celebrant is also there to discuss your requirements and offer any guidance you need. But the more you know what you want in advance, the better chance you’ll have of finding the right Celebrant who will be able to deliver the day of your dreams.


Finding Your Celebrant

The internet is a great place to start your search. There are many online directories and guides. The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and the Celebrant Directory are just two of many that will allow you to make enquiries directly through them. There are also availability calendars on these websites so you can check out your date, making the search much easier.

As you go through your search, you may realise that there are a lot of choices. That’s why having an idea of what you want will help you easily whittle it down. Here are some things you might want to add to your checklist:


  • Culture or speciality – what is it you’re looking for? Not all Celebrants conduct every type of wedding
  • Traditional or non–traditional?
  • What is their unique selling point and do you think you’ll connect with them?
  • What is their gender and age, and what do you want?
  • Make sure you check the credentials of your potential Celebrant – there are a number of institutions and organisations that train and accredit Celebrants. These offer ongoing support, guidance and training so that their Celebrants remain up-to-date and totally professional
  • Ensure your Celebrant has the relevant cover – Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance is vital
  • Ask for Terms and Conditions. For example, should they be unable to attend on the day, what is the plan of action?
  • Location – are they nearby? If your otherwise ideal Celebrant is a hundred miles away, you may have extra costs for mileage. It’s worth considering 
  • What is your budget? 
  • What type of service do they offer? Is there a choice of packages, for example?
  • It’s important to find out if there are any extras you may be charged for 
  • Meeting your Celebrant before you book is very important, so look for an initial no fee meeting or consultation
  • Do their values match yours? This will help you decide whether the Celebrant is going to create the type of ceremony you are looking for


When you think you’ve found a Celebrant that ticks all the boxes for you, it might also be worth doing a bit of further research:

  • Finding them on social media and checking out any videos they’ve posted will give you a good idea of who they are
  • You should also find out more about their experience and read any reviews they have


Alongside doing your internet search, don’t forget to ask your friends and colleagues if they know of any suitable Celebrants. Referrals can be really useful and so definitely worth the question!

Working With Your Celebrant

Some people only meet their Celebrant on the day of their wedding. However, I would advise meeting your Celebrant in person before the wedding and talking through your ideas and style. It’s important to ensure that you enjoy a good rapport with each other and make a connection. An initial meeting by Skype or face-to-face can really help a couple decide whether they are choosing the right person. Whoever they are, you’re trusting this Celebrant with such an important and personal task. You need it to be right.


As I said before, although you’ll probably have a good idea in your mind of what sort of day you’d like, don’t be afraid to ask for advice and guidance from your chosen Celebrant. Most Celebrants are very experienced and can offer some creative suggestions when it comes to themes, styling and choreography. In particular, they will be able to advise on a number of different rituals such as hand fasting, ring warming and wine ceremonies to name but a few.


They can also assist with vows and promises. These are key to any ceremony and your Celebrant should be able to offer ideas and suggestions that stay true to your love story and beliefs.


If you want your wedding day to be as perfect as possible, then choosing the best Celebrant for you should not be a rushed decision. There are millions of things to do when you’re planning a wedding and it can seem like another big task. However, putting in the work will definitely pay off. When you do find the Celebrant that’s right for you, not only will they be able to help you craft a wonderful ceremony, but they’ll also help to deliver the day you deserve. There’s a lot of choice, but that means that somewhere out there the ideal Celebrant for you and your day can be found.


If you’d like any more advice on finding a Celebrant, or you’d like to speak to me about your wedding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lauren Duncan