Quite often at Wedding Fayres when talking to couples about their First Dance and asking what their song choice is they often say that they’re struggling to narrow it down to 1!

Sometimes it’s not possible to pick 1 song that can represent you as a couple.  If that is the case have you thought about picking a few songs and piecing them together?

How you might ask?

Tell me the songs and the parts of the song that you would like to piece together and using a music editing software I can create you your own music track.

It can be quite fun for your guests, particularly if the songs go from slow, to fast and back to slow.  It can also make the choreography fun as well.

If you’re really struggling with song choices then this is a great website of common First Dance songs to give you an idea https://www.brides.com/story/most-popular-wedding-and-first-dance-songs-globally