These aren’t necessarily in order, however, they are the 20 most important things to consider for your wedding.    It started out as 10 but was evident there was more!


  1. Date – seems kinda obvious but some couples try and plan everything before they even a date which makes it tricker as suppliers like photographers can’t tell you if they’re available if you don’t have a date set.  To do this you’ll need to decide if you’re after a spring, summer, autumn, winter wedding.  Is there a particular datethat is important to you?  Some couple try to get it as close to their current anniversary or to a particular time of you
  2. Budget – Once you have decided this then you’ll need to work out a budget. Go to wedding fayres and get an idea on how much dress/suits, cake, flowers, photographer, entertainment, hair and make up, invites, rings and transport etc are going to cost.  This will then help you work out how much you’re wanting to spend.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.     ‘Wedding Planner’ have a great tool to help you with this.   You may end up going slightly over budget on some area but don’t get into debt.  Planning in advance will help you stay within budget and some supplier will allow you to spread the cost of your payments to make it more manageable.
  3. Guest List – how big or small do you want your wedding to be as remember you’re going to have to pay for them all to eat and price per head can start getting expensive if you’re wanting a large wedding, hence the budget plan.   Remember it’s your day so invite who you want not who your family are telling you has to be there! The National Wedding Survey stated that it costs an average of £120 per head for your wedding including the meal, drinks reception and canapés.
  4. Venue – you’ve decided what time of year you want to get married and how much you’re wanting to spend on your venue so now you can go venue shopping.  Is it a church? Or are you going more modern with hotel, castle, converted barn the possibilities are endless …
  5. Photographer – I have quite a few photographer friends and I know they get booked quickly so as soon as you’ve got your date sorted my advice would be to book your photographer even if you only pay their time reservation fee to secure them for your date.
  6. Officiant – Alongside sorting your photographer it is also crucial to sort the registrar/officiant.  If its a church wedding this will be the preist or vicar.  They will have a couple so choose someone that you feel you can connect with.  This also go for if you’re having a registrar for a hotel wedding etc.
  7. Insurance – so many couples don’t think of this and then panic when things go wrong.  Deposits/time reservation fees are usually covered and ensure you sign contracts with all of your suppliers!  It gives you peace of mind if things go wrong!
  8. Dress/Suits – choose your wedding party wisely as again you’re going to be paying for their outfits!!


  9. Entertainment – this could be anything from DJ to photo booth, sweet cart, caricaturist.  78% of brides a week after their wedding wish they’d spent more on their entertainment than anything else and it’s the part of the wedding that your guests will remember the most!!
  10. Catering – What food are you going to have for the wedding breakfast?  What dietary requirements do you need to think especially if you’re having kids at the wedding.  How many tiers is your cake going to have?  Evening buffet?
  11. Stationary – save the dates and invites, order of services and place names.  2 choices here – get someone to do it for you or if you’re on a tight budget make them yourselves


  12. Flowers – bridal party, groomsmen and also as decoration for top table or around the venue!   If you have a favourite flower at certain times of the year they can be tricky to find!


  13. Venue decor – this is where couples can go a bit overboard!  Having worked in hospitality I can honestly tell you that the weddings that had huge fancy table decorations whilst they looked nice they were a pain for the waiting staff trying to serve you food and move the tables around.  So I would go simplistic or not all, especially if it’s going to make you go over budget or your guests aren’t going to be able to talk to one another because of a big fancy decoration in the middle blocking the other side.  Also a colour scheme which can double up with your flowers and dress/suits does work quite nicely.  1 tip – make your guests aware of the colour just so they don’t blend in to the wedding party!
  14. Wedding rings – you’re going to be wearing these for the rest of your life! Your partner will have spent a fair amount on the engagement ring so it’s only right to do similar for your wedding band.  If you’re like me who you’re constantly using your hands in your day job or you like cooking you’re going to want a metal that will last!


  15. Transport – how are you planning to get between venues or from home to the venue etc?  Are you going to have a special one off car because its your wedding?  Family friend that has something you could borrow and are you transporting all of the wedding party?
  16. Hair and Make up – Budget for a trial!! Some suppliers include this in their price but not everyone and some will travel but may charge etc tot this.  This is why at when you’re going round the wedding fayres to help you create your budget you need to ask these sorts of questions because if you find someone you love but they’re out of budget or don’t cover your area then you’re going to get stuck.
  17. Honeymoon – Not a necessity for the wedding but it’s still worth factoring into your budget otherwise you could be disappointed when you come to organise your honeymoon and realise there’s no money left.
  18. Hen/Stag Do – are you just having a family get together or are you going to have a large on to include wedding party and family and firends?  Whilst you as the couple aren’t going to be organising the hen/stag do it’s still worth making it clear to whoever does organise it the things you do and don’t want to do otherwise you’re not going to enjoy it!
  19. First Dance – this one might surprise you.  More and more couples are coming to be because they’re panicking about falling over or embarrassing themselves.  The First Dance doesn’t have to be scary and doesn’t have to a full routine.  Read my previous blog on why to have a choreographed first dance.

20.  Enjoy!! Wedding planning can be stressful but use it as bonding time and include each other in the process.  I am also a Wedding Planner so if you need any help or recommendations for suppliers just let me know as I know suppliers for pretty much everything you’ll need and if I don’t, my network does!!

Happy Planning !